Department of Periodontology and Implantology

Department of Periodontics and Implantology deals basically with the study and management of periodontal/gum related problems. This branch of dentistry strengthens the foundation of teeth and acts as pillars for their successful long-term retention in the oral cavity.

We are not only engaged in the clinical practice but also in basic and applied research in our thirst to find out the best way to manage patients’ problems.

The immense work and facilities available at the department along with a highly experienced and trained staff need a detailed description and will be categorized in separate headings.


After dental caries, periodontal disease is the second most common oral disease, especially in India. But because of limited awareness among general population regarding the significance of oral hygiene, the incidence and prevalence of disease related to gums are ever increasing. Only few, of those suffering, actually get themselves checked and few still get treated, thanks to the slowly progressing and relatively painless nature of most of the gum diseases.

As the famous saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, so here at our department we intend to control the disease at the earliest sign. We also undertake various research projects of various types such as epidemiological, basic and applied, to better understand the nature of the disease the ways of management.

Through patient education regarding correct oral hygiene methods and motivation to stop tobacco consumption, we are looking forward to a population in their ‘pink’ of health.

Procedures performed in the department

Non-surgical procedure
  • Hand and ultrasonic scaling (teeth cleaning)(with or without anesthesia)
  • Sub-gingival irrigation (with or without an antiseptic solution)
  • Local drug delivery into deep pockets (placing high concentration of antimicrobial at local level, thus eliminating/reducing the need for high systemic medications) (an option for those patients not willing to or not indicated for routine surgical procedure)
  • Splinting of mobile teeth (immediate reduction of tooth mobility by binding them together) (can be done with stainless steel wire, composite resin only, composite resin with glass fibers, etc)
  • Coronoplasty (occlusal adjustment)
Minor surgical procedures
  • Frenectomy/frenotomy (excision of fibrotic band of tissue)
  • Operculectomy (excision of soft tissue covering partially or completely erupted tooth)
  • Polyp excision (excision of small gingival overgrowths into or over carious or fractured tooth)
  • Epulis excision & Excisional biopsy (removing a localized overgrowth of gingiva)
  • Gingival depigmentation (correction of melanin hyperpigmentation)
  • Abscess drainage
  • Crown lengthening as preprosthetic procedure.
Surgeries to eliminate pathology
  • Periodontal flap surgery (various types of flaps as per indications)
  • Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty (recontouring enlarged gums)
  • Increasing the width of attached gingiva with apically repositioned flap, free gingival grafts, GTR membranes, etc.
  • Hard tissue Ridge augmentation as preparation for placement of implants.
  • Vestibular deepening procedure as preprosthetic preparation.
  • Regenerative periodontal surgeries using bone grafts and bone substitutes.
  • Enhancing regeneration by incorporating growth factors through PRP (platelet rich plasma).
Esthetic periodontal surgeries
  • Root coverage procedures (for receding gums): Free gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts, pedicle flaps, etc.
  • Correction of gummy smile (esthetic crown lengthening).
  • Soft tissue ridge augmentation (using free gingival grafts or connective tissue grafts)
  • Used for certain minor soft tissue surgeries such as gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, epulis excision, polyp excision, frenectomy, operculectomy, etc.
  • Advantage over conventional surgical procedure in terms of patients and operators convenience.
  • No sutures, no/minimal bleeding, reduced overall treatment time.

Insertion of implants as one stage or two stage procedure and referral to department of Prosthodontics for restoration.

Dr. Mahale Swapna A.

Designation : Professor & HOD

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 22 Yrs. 03 months

Dr. Agrawal Amit A.

Designation : Professor

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 14 Yrs 08 months

Dr. Sethi Kunal S.

Designation : Professor

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 14 Yrs. 02 months

Dr. Kale Triveni A.

Designation : Professor

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 12 Yrs. 11 months

Dr. Beladar Amol M.

Designation : Reader

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 10 Yrs. 01 months

Dr. Desarda Hitesh M.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 04 Yrs. 05 months

Dr. Tompe Ashwini P.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 02 Yrs. 04 months

Dr. Prabhu Ravi M.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.D.S.

Total Experience : 01 Yrs. 04 months

Dr. Chandwadkar Charubala D.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : B.D.S.

Total Experience : 26 Yrs. 02 months

Dr. Agrawal Aditi B.

Designation : Tutor

Qualification : B.D.S.

Total Experience : 02 Yrs. 11 months

Dr. Swapna Mahale

  • Best paper/poster- 3rd prize Autologous fibroblast regeneration of interdental papilla at Korean academy of periodontology 2017
  • Member of BOS Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Amit Agarwal

  • Won specialist Dentist of the year award at FAMDENT Awards for Excellence in Dentistry 2016 on 17 th Dec 2016. The Club Andheri, Mumbai.

Dr Triveni Kale

  • 1st prize :Paper Presentation ;Suturing technique methods : an alternative and cost effective methodology HSET,state level Medical Education andTtechnology Conference (MUHS nashik):2018
  • Faculty research methodology (MUHS) Since 2016
  • Maharashtra State Dental Council2019-Accredited Speaker

World Oral Day Celebration

Sr.No Faculty Number of Papers Number of Books
1 Dr. Mahale Swapna A. 45 05
2 Dr. Agrawal Amit A. 41 02
3 Dr. Sethi Kunal S. 19 04
4 Dr. Kale Triveni A. 16 03
5 Dr. Beladar Amol M. 11 04
6 Dr. Desarda Hitesh M. 05 -


Sr.No Research Details Numbers
1 Number of long research projects completed in the department 50
1 Number of on going long research projects 12
3 Number of short research projects 60
4 Number of on going short research projects 06