Our Central Library has several editions of ace books and journals from back volumes to current, of all specialties of dentistry making it the most sought after by the students and staff.The mission of our library is to provide knowledge and access for professional development in print and digital formats of Students and staff members.

Our Library has developed its collection through many years in the form of e.g. books, periodicals, magazine, dissertations, CD roms, Online access journals, Video cassettes, donated books, university and college publications.

Library Infrastructure

Our library spans across 8,240 sq. feet in the college building with separate reading rooms for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Digital Library Section provides access to the online database. The Reference Section has some of the most treasured books of Dental Specialities.

Library Database

Our library boasts of 6,564 books and 90 International journals with 915 volumes. The number of National journals in library is 57 with 467 volumes. We have online access to 332 e-journals across different specialities of Medicine and Dentistry. We also have access to EBSCO Online Journals database and MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) digital library

Facilities available in Library

  • Circulation of Books and Journals
  • Centralised Library Software
  • Reference Section
  • Online access for Journals
  • Separate seating section for Students and Staff
  • Computer and Printing
  • Photocopy and Scanner
  • Earn and learn scheme for students
  • Book-bank facility
  • Internet Browsing
  • Uninterrupted power supply back up

Educational Activities:

  • Our library with the association of various educational grants offered by MUHS provides free books to Undergraduate under-privileged students for one year.
  • We also provide access of library to all our Alumni Undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • We offer earn and learn option to support under-privileged undergraduate students which is available during after college hours.
  • We regularly hold exhibitions of recent books and journals in association with renowned medical and dental book publishers in India.
  • With growing need for digital education, our library constantly keeps adding Online access to various journal portals in their database./li>

Computer section::

Considering importance of computerization our library has a separate computer and information center with internet broadband facility, where students &/ or staff can access electronic database. The library has prepared database of books and journals in different subject specialties. Students can access our in house databases, CD ROMs and other electronic resources available in library. We also have online access to multiple e-journals for reference for under graduate and post graduate students.

E-resources Available at the Library

Working Hours:

Monday-Friday- 8.30 AM to 06.00 PM

Saturday & Sundays-8.30 AM to 04.00 PM