Department of General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is committed to setting the highest standards for patient care, teaching and training

We are devoted to community in providing diagnosis and treating all aspects of human disease and provide compassionate and pioneering care to all of the patients

General Medicine is one of the very important branches of clinical practise , it covers the aspects such as common infections, systemic based diseases i.e Neurology, cardiology, respiratory disease and nephrology, that are relevant to all medical specialities

Department conducts regular lectures, practical , tutorials for undergraduate as per DCI & MUHS university norms

The students are posted in the hospital to see and study about various emrgencvy and elective procedures. For BDS students, as they’ll be dealing with so many types of patients in their clinical practice, they are made aware of various common disease, their signs and symptoms, diagnosis &treatment . they are taught about their significance of vital signs like blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate

Every week, 2 days posting for clinical teaching at BYTCO Hospital and 2 lectures in the curriculum.

Clinical training- The significance of various lab tests required before minor dental procedures is also taught in the clinical postings.

The students observe the patients, skills opf diagnosis and treatment planning

Out department is well equipped and efficient enough to provide require different modes of investigations for diagnosis

BYTCO Hospital also provides facilities for general and private wards. Daily on average 100 patients at out OPD and 10-15 IPD

Our aim is to diagnose, treat and observe diseases in the initial stage only so as to decrease Mortality and morbidity and serve humanity in the best possible way.


  • Special emphysis should be given through on the importance of various diseases as applicable to dentistry

  • Special precautions/ contraindications for anaesthesia in oral and dental procedures in different systemic diseases
  • Oral manifestations of systemic diseases
  • He should be capable of handling medical emergencies in dental practise
  • Taught in such a manner that he/ she is able to record the arterial pulse, B.P.
  • To make them capable for superficial examination of body,diseases of heart,lungs,kidneys,blood,G.I.T. etc.
  • Dr. Pawar Mahadeo H.

    Designation : Reader

    Qualification : M.D.

    Total Experience : 26 Years 04 Months

    Dr. Bothara Manish J.

    Designation : Reader

    Qualification : M.B.B.S., D.N.B.

    Total Experience : 17 Years 01 Months

    Dr. Ballal Shailaja H.

    Designation : Lecturer

    Qualification : M.D.

    Total Experience : 02 Years 03 Months

    Dr. Patil Sandip R.

    Designation : Lecturer

    Qualification : M.D.

    Total Experience : 00 Years 06 Months

    Dr. Phadke Sujit G.

    Designation : Lecturer

    Qualification : M.B.B.S., D.C.H.

    Total Experience : 01 Years 01 Months