Department of Pharmacology


To inculcate rational and scientific basis of therapeutics keeping in view of dental curriculum and profession.


Pharmacology is the study of interaction of drugs with living organisms. It includes history, sources, physicochemical properties of drugs, dosage forms, method of administration, what the drug does to our body, what our body does to the drug and clinical uses with its adverse effects.

Drugs form the corner-stone in therapy in human diseases thus pharmacology is the medical science that forms the backbone of various medical, dental and para- medical courses. Therefore it is of utmost important to describe the pharmacological basis of therapeutics in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of drugs to the recipients.

Educational Objectives :

  • To understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of essential and commonly used drugs and in dentistry in particularly.
  • To list the indications, contraindications; interactions and adverse reactions of commonly used drugs with reasons
  • To tailor the use of appropriate drugs in disease with consideration to its cost, efficacy, safety for individual and mass therapy needs
  • To indicate special care in prescribing, common and essential drugs in special medical situations such as pregnancy, lactation, old age, renal, hepatic damage and immunocompromised patients
  • To integrate the rational drug therapy in clinical pharmacology
  • To indicate the principles underlying the concepts of “Essential Drugs”
  • To prescribe drugs for common dental and medical ailments.
  • To appreciate adverse reactions and drug interactions of commonly used drugs.
  • To observe experiments designed for study of effects of drugs.
  • To critically evaluate drug formulations and be able to interpret the clinical process of rational thinking and cogent action will be inculcated in an individual so that he/she shall be competent to pursue various activities as demanded by the profession.

Teaching- Learning Methods –

  • Theory Lectures –Use of board and Chalk and Power Point Presentation.
  • Seminars
  • Revision of each topic
  • Surprise tests
  • Mock test for SAQs and LAQs
  • Recent editions of all the Text books are available in the Departmental library.
  • Department is fully equipped with Question bank for MCQs, SAQs and LAQs of all topics in the curriculum.

Subject Details :

  • The subject is taught at the level of II B.D.S. Post graduate students study the subject as a part of the basic medical sciences.
  • In Theory the students are taught to select appropriate drug, its correct dose, route of administration and the required duration of treatment for the given condition.
  • Selection of drug is based on knowledge of its mechanism of action, therapeutic uses, adverse effects and drug interactions.
  • Knowledge of theory is incorporated in pharmacy practicals to prepare and dispense dental medicaments for various dental conditions.
  • Knowledge of theory is also used to write correct prescriptions for various dental and medical conditions.
  • Knowledge of theory is also used to comment on the prescription, criticize and then to select the correct drug with, its correct dose, route of administration and the required duration of treatment for the given condition.

Vision :

  • Evidence based education and need based research in dental pharmacology

Mission :

  • To impart an effective academic research and training activities for UGs and PGs.
  • The department intends to equip students with the knowledge of rational drug therapy, its importance and application.
  • The department aims with the post graduate training in order to excel them as good academicians or a research scholars.

Dr. Borkar Mangal A.

Designation : Reader

Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D., (Medical Pharmacology)

Total Experience : 32 Years 11 Months

Dr. Karad Rukhmini M.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.B.B.S., MS, DOMS

Total Experience : 07 Years 10 Months

Dr. Kulkarni Shama J.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.B.B.S (DCH)

Total Experience : 09 Years 04 Months

Dr. Baviskar Yuvraj R.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.B.B.S.

Total Experience : 01 Years 04 Months

Dr. Mundada Deepali R.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : M.B.B.S.

Total Experience : 00 Years 07 Months

Details :

Sr.No Name of the Staff Experience Research Publications Book
1 Dr. Mrs. Mangal Borkar 34 yrs. 6mths. 05 --
2 Dr. Shama Kulkarni 12yrs. -- 02