Research & Development

  • Research which means search for knowledge is an integral part of any academic, non-academic, innovations and developmental activities. Research not only adds knowledge to the existing scientific literature but also helps to deliver Evidence based services to the society.
  • The aim is to inculcate the spirit of Inquiry and scientific temper. The college appreciates and acknowledges the importance of research activities for rendering the quality dental care to the patients and society. All the departments of MGVKBH are well equipped with the infrastructure and needed support for conducting research. To facilitate research activities the department the department of conservative dentistry and endodontics has endosonic handpieces, operating microscopes, surgical endo kits, magnifying loupes etc.
  • The department of Prosthodontics is equipped with casting machine, milling machine, stereomicroscope, implant kits with physiodispenser and semiadjustable articulators. Electrosurgery unit, soft tissue laser, Bone regenerative materials and digital probes are available in the department of periodontology. Department of Orthodontics is equipped with Biostar, hydrosoldering unit and Digital cephalometric tracing software for facilitating research. The department of Oral pathology has Pentaheaded microscope, Semi-automatic microtome, automated tissue processor, trinocular microscope with camera attachments, PH meter, Automatic knife sharpener etc. The department of Pedodontics has got pulse oxymeter, conscious sedation unit, typodonts etc.
  • While the department of Oral Radiology is equipped with RVG with intraoral radiography machine, CBCT machine, Biopsy equipment, illuminated mouth mirror and probes, analog OPG, Sialography cannula etc. Also the college is actively involved in encouraging inter-pathy and collaboration research activities.
  • Every faculty is involved in some aspects of short term or long term, fundamental or advanced research activities. Student’s involvement in research is promoted by during their course of study. Basic research methodology workshops are conducted for UG and PG students for encouraging and motivating them for research activities. Numerous research projects have been completed and a large number of research projects are ongoing. Outcomes of research activities are not only presented at various national and international conferences but also form a rich scientific source for publication in national and international peer reviewed journals.

List of research projects funded by MUHS (2018-2019)

Sr. no. Title Student Year Guide
1 Evaluation of salivary flow rate in smokers and non-smokers Anushka Bhargave 3rd BDS Dr. Nilima Prakash
2 Prevalence of dental caries and associated factors influencing children of age group 6 years to 12 years in tribal and urban areas in Nashik district- A cross sectional study Harshada Nikam 3rd BDS Dr. Aarti Mahajan
3 Morphologic and morphometric variation of mandibular condyle related of age using computed cone tomography Rutuja Najan 3rd BDS Dr. Karan Shah
4 Evaluation of sex dimorphism in arch depth and palatal depth in Maharashtrian subjects Maheshwari Gaikwad 3rd BDS Dr. Nitin Gulve