Department Of Surgery

The Dept of General Surgery aims to acquaint the student with various diseases which may require surgical intervention and differentiate from the pathologies which can be treated by medicine alone. A good student will be able to diagnose the various Congenital, Inflammatory, Traumatic, metabolic and hormonal disorders of the patient and will be able to differentiate the benogn from malignant tumors.

Once a decision is made to operate, we teach the surgical principles and basic surgical techniques and procedures to do the operations. General Surgery is the foundation on whch the whole operative techniques of Dental Surgery is built.

Aims :-

The student should have a good theoretical knowledge of General Surgery along with the clinicopathological correlation which will form the basis of operations. Importance is given to surgical diseases of the Head and neck region.

To train the student to analyze the history

To develop the ability to do a thorough Physical examination of the patient

The student should be able to differentiate the various surgical pathologies, with emphasis on how to differentiate benign from malignant disorders.

Basic surgical skills like knots, suturing and hemostasis.

Techniques of asepsis and how to decrease surgical infections.

Develop the ability of the student to perform minor surgical processes such as draining an abscess and taking a biopsy

Students see a variety of patients including emergency patients and learn basic operative techniques in J.D.C. Bytco Hospital twice a week for 6 hours. These techniques of General Surgery are skills utilized in various specialized fields of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Karad Manohar P.

Designation : Professor / HOD

Qualification : M.S.

Total Experience : 28 Yrs 06 Mths

Dr. Joshi Dinesh C.

Designation : Reader

Qualification : M.S

Total Experience : 20 Yrs 05 Mths

Dr. Shimpi Manoj E.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : MBBS DMRD

Total Experience : 02 Yrs. 02 Mths

Dr. Malpure Smita G.

Designation : Lecturer

Qualification : MBBS DMRE

Total Experience : 02 Yrs 01 Mths


Sr.No Faculty Number of Papers Number of Books
1 Dr. Khairnar Karan B. 51 4
2 Dr. Nahar Sonal P. 16 -
3 Dr. Agrawal Nilesh R. 09 01
4 Dr. Pandya Rajnikant N. 01 01
5 Dr. Bhusari Swati P. 07 01