Research Advisory Committee

The institution has a research advisory committee/ society formed as per the guidelines received from MUHS. All research proposals are screened by the research committee and fine tuned before they are brought before the Ethical committee. Students are benefited with guidance from Statistician.

Role of Research society:

  • To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institute.
  • To conduct regular orientation programmes on research methodology and statistics for students.
  • Motivation of staff and students for conducting research.
  • To encourage students and faculty members to apply for short-term research grants and long-term research grants respectively.
  • To promote collaborative research.

Guidelines for Research

  • All research will be initiated only after the following sequence of approval-
  • Approval of the head of the department
  • Approval of the Institutional research society
  • Approval of the Institutional Ethical committee
  • After receiving the research proposal the research society will update its record and gives a unique code/ number.
  • When procedures are involved on a patient in the research the basic principle adopted by the department is Non malfeasance or "Do NO Harm".
  • All researchers will safeguard the interest of the patients, respect their rights and confidentiality.
  • Wherever it warrants an informed consent should be acquired from the patients or their responsible guardians after complete details that are required to be told to the patients and/or their guardians..
  • It is the responsibility of the researcher to complete any treatment to fulfillment, when only part of a procedure is in research.
  • If any other departments are involved within the institution and/or outside the institution it should only be with the written agreement or MOU from the authorized person of the involved departments or institutions.
  • Any new drugs, formulations, chemicals, devices or equipment that to be tested on patients should only be done after prior approval from the IEC and IRC. Any financial or material support given for the conduct of such tests should be declared in advance.
  • No students will be made to do any research work involving procedures on patients, which are not within their expected competency as a student.
  • All studies that involve use of animals should follow the rules and ethics that govern such studies.
  • All records concerning the conduct of the research shall be maintained in order.
  • The progress or any problems during the conduct of the research should be regularly brought to the notice of the head of the department.
  • All research conducted in the institution will be the property of the institution. Presentations and publications made based on the research should carry the due credit for the institution and the staff involved in the conduct of the research.

Research society members

Sr. No Name Post
1 Dr. Meenal Gulve Head
2 Dr. Amit Nehete Coordinator
3 Dr. Nilima Prakash Member - Preclinical
4 Dr. Rekha Patil Member - Preclinical
5 Dr. Mangala Borkar Member – Paraclinical
6 Dr. Sonal Nahar Member – Paraclinical
7 Dr. Amit Agrawal Member - Clinical
8 Dr. Triveni Kale Member - Clinical