Recruitment Policy of the Institute

The Recruitment and Selection Policy of our Institute is a transparent process and aims at attracting and selecting the most qualified candidate for the post based on merit

Objective : We believe that hiring the right candidate for the position contributes to the overall success of the organization. All applications for a posted vacancy will be considered based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job satisfactorily.

Requisitions : Requisition for teaching/ non-teaching/paramedical staff as per the guidelines of MUHS and DCI may be initiated by the Heads of the Department through an application to the Principal which will be forwarded to the concerned higher authorities. Individual departments should indicate the following:

  • Position
  • Number of posts
  • Reason for the opening
  • Essential job functions and qualifications
  • Any special recruitment advertising instructions

Recruitment Meeting : A internal meeting of the Head of the Department, Principal and other concerned authorities will be conducted to discuss the position, the requirements and profile of the ideal candidate. The selected candidate is appointed after approval from Chairman, College Development Committee.

Advertisements and Announcements : Job openings will be advertised in the local or national newspapers depending upon the requirement and will also be put up concurrently on the college website. Details of qualification, experience, last date of submission of applications and all other relevant information will be part of the announcement

The HR department will be responsible for tracking all applicants and retaining applications and resumes as required.

Internal applicants : Current employees with the requisite qualifications may apply for the posts.

Interview Process : The HR department will screen applications and resumes in consultation with the Principal and Head of department before scheduling interviews. They will discuss the suitability of the interview process (written test, structured interview, etc). Candidate evaluation forms will be completed after each interview and retained with the application. Both selected candidates and those not selected will be notified.

Reference checks : The institute will conduct professional reference checks and employment verifications on the candidates based on the results of the candidate evaluation forms completed by the interviewers.

Job Offers : Once a decision is made to hire a candidate, he/she will be made a job offer after satisfactory completion of the background checks. It may include physical fitness, criminal history, address verification and other relevant information for the job. A candidate will receive a final job offer after satisfactory completion of these checks. Selected candidates have to accept the offer of employment within 7 calendar days and submit a joining report. If not, the offer is made to the next candidate shortlisted in the interview process.